DishOut CEO Rory Hersch to Participate in the Wolfe Research FinTech Forum

Hauppauge, NY, March 9, 2021 – DishOut, a leading solutions provider for the payments and stored-value space with an emphasis on mobile, today announced the company’s participation in the Wolfe Research FinTech Forum on Thursday March 11, 2021 at 11:20 a.m. eastern. DishOut CEO Rory Hersch will be joined by Lightspeed’s Peter Dougherty, and PayX Advisory’s Greg Cohen to discuss “Verticalization of Payments: What a Difference an Industry Makes. 

Rory, Peter, and Greg will be discussing industry trends early in the pandemic vs trends emerging today, differentiation in demand for omnichannel capabilities, the transformation in how merchants are thinking about payment solutions, and more. 

To watch live, please visit the public link to the webcast. 

About DishOut

DishOut specializes in solutions for the payment and stored-value space with a focus on campus and hospitality environments with a mobile emphasis. Its products and services are often used in white label value-added transaction processing solutions. 

With DishOut’s IWON (Integrated Write Once Network) solution, ISVs, restaurants, and retailers can write one integration at the POS or PMS in order to have access to various valueadded products and services such as: campus card, corporate commerce, folio, gift and loyalty. 

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